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15 March 2012 @ 01:11 am
Hey, does anyone know what it costs to have a rug cleaned? I have like two 8x10, two 10x12, maybe one 6x8 and two runners. I can't find local prices online, possibly because I am dumb.

My idea is to get all our rugs cleaned because a) they are dirty but more importantly b) when you get rugs cleaned, they roll them up in nice plastic that is good for moving. So I will probably do this anyway regardless, but I'd like some kind of cost information.
Missy Sedaimissysedai on March 15th, 2012 03:10 pm (UTC)
Rough estimates, based on service, fiber and size to 5' x 8':

Natural fiber: $79 - $120

Synthetic fiber: $59 - $90

Most places will give you an estimate over the phone if you provide size and fiber information.